Corsi Group Custom Cabinetry

we no longer recommend this cabinetry because of poor quality

About the company

Their business model is “Luxury within Reach”

Lasting Value beyond Compare

Greenfield Cabinetry has beautiful finishes and a large spectrum of doors and wood species

Link to door styles and finishes

Link to Siteline Cabinetry- great prices and still custom made for you!

Siteline offers a more limited palette of colors and doors but is still custom made for you, but there are fewer options. It offers European styled frameless construction as an option to Greenfield and Corsi without sacrificing quality.

Greenfield and Siteline are a high in demand cabinet company and currently experiencing extended production times.

The good news is that every spring they offer a “Spring Paint Sale” and sometimes they have a very brief one pre-Thanksgiving. This is a great time to order your dream kitchen! Please plan accordingly 🙂

Greenfield Cabinetry

Cherry inset with specialty glass