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We are a family owned business who strives to offer personal service and quality products with a commitment to good design. We are registered in Marblehead and fully insured.

In 1981 Carol Hardick opened a retail store in Marblehead. She worked with artisans, craftsmen and small innovative companies to design products unique to the retail store. In 1994 she decided to open a design business – which was named Marblehead Design Group. Success came quickly. Marblehead Design Group designed and sold homegoods and furniture nationally to major retailers, museums and galleries across the country, including Saks, Nordstroms, Lord and Taylor, Museum of Fine Art, Portland Museum, Washington Historical Society, Smithsonian, and the QVC to name a few. Yes it’s true: Carol turned down an offer for a TV design show.

As a kid she always dreamed of being an architect so when the company expanded to kitchen design in 2003 it was full circle and back to what she loved doing most- designing the spaces of our home. She’s been thrilled to design kitchens ever since!

Carol has designed kitchens of all sizes, styles and with every price range from large open ocean-side estates to the small cape house where every inch needs to count. Her education in design started when she studied at the Corcoran in Washington D.C, which was ranked fifth in the world at the time. The training was intense but it was there that she found she had an innate sense of balance, and an intuitive sense of color.

When she designs a modern sleek kitchen she harks back to her days of pure design at the Corcoran and thanks them for the training.

She especially enjoys working with historical projects and melding the new with the old. The family renovated an old historic home built in the 1700s that had been added onto throughout the years and fallen into neglect. Herb, her uncle made custom cabinets, and repaired woodwork as the family worked on the house room by room discovering trap doors, brick walls and a secret cellar. Job well done the property was sold to Sydney Poitier. Carol has been hooked on old houses ever since!

Marblehead Design does not charge for a consultation! We love people and we’d love to meet you and hear about your home! Stop by at 165 Pleasant Street or give us a call for an appointment at 774-836-3702.

We can work with your contractor or we can do the remodel.

Carol’s email is carolynhardick@gmail.com

Thank you! We appreciate your business 🙂

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